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Content Optimization

We refine & create content to improve search results.

What is content development and optimization?

Content development is the process of creating useful content for your clientele. Content optimization is the process of refining that content to specific search keywords to rank higher on Google. A superior piece of content will be helpful for your customers while also ranking for keywords and guide your visitors to conversions.

How do you know what ranks on Google?

We have access to experienced SEO copywriters who craft excellent pieces of content. We analyze keyword phrases, unique content, semantics, and more to optimize your material. We do analysis of competitors as well to see what is working and where we can do better.

What are the basics of developing content?

Bold Elixir takes the time to learn your target audience. Once we know who we’re writing for, we focus on the goal for that content (keyword phrases, increase subscribers, publish on another site, etc.). Next we choose the content medium that suits the goal best like an infographic or a blog post. Finally, we look to ensure that the content adds value to the user and adhere to Google’s guidelines for quality.

How does content optimization work?

Every content item created can rank for several keywords so an initial step is to use strategic targets for those keywords. Perhaps there is a new service that you want to rank on searches, so those keywords would be prominent in the content. Backlinking is crucial also whether it is through guest posting or creating great content. Other sites will link to you if you have powerful content, which increases your trustworthiness to Google. It is crucial that this process is organic.

What about local content development?

At Bold Elixir we are focused on developing content for our local businesses. This can include guest posting in local publications and sites. Our keyword focus is on your local market. We specifically target your local audience and analyze current local content.

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