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Infographic: 5 Steps to Improve Local SEO Optimization

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Why invest in an affordable SEO bundle?

By creating content with strategic keyword phrases and growing organic backlinks, an SEO strategy will increase where you fall on those Google searches. It means more traffic to your site, which converts to more customers.

When will I see improvements in my ranking?

Like most things, there are no shortcuts to SEO and you should definitely question companies promising instant results. It can take weeks to months for a strategy to move you to the first page of search results. There is always variability based on the size of the strategy and the competitiveness of the market.

What about improving my Local SEO?

All our packages are custom-built to suit your needs and our expertise is on building those local links. A big part for local companies is utilizing Google My Business and that physical location. We can improve keywords based on locally tracked data to develop a plan to drive you to the top of community searches. As a local business within the capital region, we are positioned to build backlinks with our local partners in the area.

What does an SEO bundle cost?

First and foremost, it must suit your needs. There are no contracts so you may cancel at any time. We strive to customize to your needs and budget. Monthly SEO can range into thousands per month, but at Bold Elixir we can deliver a strong, small business plan for under $500 or less.

What do I get with my SEO bundle?

While every plan is tailored toward each client, common features would include a content strategy to focus on strategic keywords and build backlinks. Also there would be a regular analysis of your site and of competitors in your marketplace. 

SEO Local Citations--Why do they matter?

What are local citations in SEO?

Citations are reference to your business that provides basic details like location, name, and contact information. They can be large organizations like Yelp! or the traditional YellowPages. They can also be smaller listings like your local chamber of commerce. Are you listed on your community government’s business page?  Some citations will include additional details about your business like hours of operation, reviews, photos, etc. As the owner, you want the information to be accurate and up-to-date across the different listings. You especially want to pay attention to business directories that include client reviews and your responses.

In short: A citation is a listing for your business in a directory that includes your NAP (name, address, phone number) and possibly more information about your business.

Why are citations important for Local SEO?

  1. Citations are one of the factors that help improve your ranking in local searches. Being listed in a trusted directory like the chamber of commerce or Yelp! adds trustworthiness to your business’ impression to search engines.
  2. It’s another tool for people to find out about your business online. A user may simply Google “nail salons near me” and your listing could come up. Or someone could be using a rating service like Yelp and find your business and your website through the app.
  3. A citation can help you get to the top of page 1 in the search results. Something like the YellowPages frequently is a top result for local searches. It could be your listing in that YellowPages post.
  4. Many of the listing services offer ratings for different businesses, so users may turn them first instead of Google when trying to find a new restaurant. Your rating and citation can drive traffic to your door and your website.


In short: Citations can be an important ranking factor for search engines and users can be directed to your business because they can find it in multiple listings.

What is the most important Local Citation?

Some obvious choices are Facebook and Yelp, as well as your local chamber of commerce or related service. The YellowPages are frequently used for looking up new businesses. Simply search for business directory with your community name. You will often find services that will list your business for free.

But the most important local citation is your Google Business Profile. This used to be called Google My Business, but has recently changed. In the image below, you can see the results of “web design near me”. Bold Elixir is a new site without any reviews, which isn’t great. But because I have it listed as Google Business Profile, it showed up on the first page of the search results. Posting regularly and asking clients to review can drive it up even further.


Clip of a screen displaying local web designers in their Google Business Profile.
A screen clip of local web designers in Sherwood Park.

Technically, the Google Business Profile is its own ranking category, but it functions like citations and it is valued more than the other citations. Check out this research from whitespark  for more information.

Here is a video from Google about how to add your business. PLEASE do this and then maintain it regularly.


In short: Your Google Business Profile is likely the most important local ranking factor and it provides many of the same details as a citation. This needs to be a primary SEO focus.

What next?

Managing all the citations and building the remainder of your local SEO plan is time-consuming and can be complicated. Here is a great tool from the Search Engine Journal to help you get started. But if you want some assistance getting your citations up to snuff…

Bold Elixir specializes in providing citation management as part of our local SEO. We can customize a plan where we manage it for you or simply provide regular coaching to help you manage it yourself. Contact us with questions or to arrange a free SEO audit including local citations.

In short: We can help with citations and customize a plan to your budget and business needs.

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