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Frequently Asked Questions:


Where is Bold Elixir located?


We are new to the Sherwood Park area and looking to serve the Edmonton region. Our website designs reach as far as Texas, but we specialize in creating for our local partners.
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What is the minimum contract at Bold Elixir?

No Contracts

At Bold Elixir there is no minimum contract. We provide a service agreement including terms and prices, which you are free to leave with 30 days notice. We want you to have the flexibility to do what's best for your business and we want happy customers!
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How much does running a website cost?

Costs Relate to Complexity

There are several areas to consider: (1) building from scratch (2) complex code (3) hosting and domain fees (4) frequency and length of content (5) types of PPC (6) regular site maintenance. When making our design plan with you, costs are up front and you select what works best in your budget. Our aim is to make your website a tool for increased traffic and convert it to increased customers.
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What if I'm interested in one or a few services?

Customized Services

Your website is about what works for you and your business. Your web companies should reflect that. At Bold Elixir, we develop a custom plan for you, with you, and including the services you request. It can be one like simply web design or a package that includes web design, SEO, and an ad campaign. The choice is yours.
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How do you provide all of the different service options?

Professional Network

We have access to a cadre of specialists for content and development options, as well as SEO enhancements. We will come up with a plan with you and the primary work will be done in house. Any niche activities have the right specialist just a click away.
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How long does it take to build a website?

Sleek, Reliable, and Punctual Design

Timing is affected by several factors. If we are starting from scratch, we will provide a mock-up or two based on your initial guidance. From there, we will go into building a site live. If we're just revamping an existing site or improving a section of it, that may take less time. Regardless, at our initial design meeting we will provide a hard date for completion that meets your needs, while still delivering top notch product.
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When will we see results from an Ad Campaign or an SEO plan?

Consistent Progress

As always, there can be a great deal of variability, however, a good rule of thumb is to expect visible growth within 3 months of an SEO plan. Throughout our partnership, Bold Elixir will provide regular reporting of specific results and traffic details from a PPC or SEO plan. You will have the data to give direction and make decisions. For SEO specifically, rapid spikes are a sign of poor back links which Google may actually use against you in search rankings.
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